Unit Descriptions & Floor Plans

Grand Cove in Edgewater, New Jersey

Mint/East facing/Renovated
New full size Maytag w/dryer
New HVAC and HW heater
New window treatmnts, carpet
Asking: $319,900
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Grand Cove Site Map

The Admiral
The Commodore
The Mariner

Apartment Residences:
Line Type/Sq.Ft. Est. Mo'ly Maint. Price Range
A 2BR/1278 1100-1300 300Ks
B 2BR/1197 1000-1100 low 300Ks
C 1BR/1090 800-900 290K-340K
D 2BR/1281 1000-1100 300Ks
E 2BR/1259 1000-1100 high 300Ks
F 1BR/1090 900-1000 low 300Ks
G 2BR/1318 1000-1100 300Ks
H 2BR/1308 1000-1100 300Ks
J 2BR/1279 1100-1300 high 300Ks
K 2BR/1281 1100-1300 high 300Ks
L 2BR/1347 1100-1200 high 300Ks
M 2BR/1311 1100-1320 270K-290K
N 1BR/1010 800-900 290K-340K

Utilities and parking are additional. All units are subject to availability and prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information about residences at Grand Cove, please contact Smart Realty at 201-886-0800 or info@GrandCove.net.